Kamran Malik Biography

I was born in East London in 1967 and later trained in Pakistan as a lawyer. Since returning to the United Kingdom I have lived and worked in East London for many years I have seen very little in the way of the actual benefits that local residents have gained from the current and complacent system of local government. I believe it is time for real change and make a concerted effort for the improvement of our lives. I believe it is time for change because we are being let down by those who cannot relate to us or communicate with us. We have simply become victims of the government’s continuous mistakes.

It is my intention to contest the local mayoral election and also acquire a seat in the General London Assembly where your vote and your voice will truly be heard. In 2010 I experienced a margin of improvement when I contested the West Ham seat as an independent candidate receiving 1300 votes. However, in the same year I contested the seat for Newham Mayor through the Communities United Party and amassed a noteworthy 7000 votes as a result of tireless political campaign. I strongly believe in the strength of a united voice; of residents and businesses alike pulling together and determining their lives and their future. As a lawyer I work closely with businesses to strengthen community ties. I also represent the interest of local residents through the offer of free legal advice because knowledge of your rights is empowerment of your present and future. I hold regular advice surgeries at five mosques in Newham and one mosque in the London Borough of Redbridge which I visit after prayers in order to facilitate the legal advice sessions. This work enables me to really engage with people who need support or want to make a change to their lives.

My political aims are:

To improve the quality of life for all.

  • To continue to provide a legal service and access to community advice and resources in order to redress the imbalance that exists in our justice system.

  • To continue to his political campaign and change the political status quo. Mr Malik is preparing a full and determined campaign in November 2011.

For more information please read the Communities United Party Manifesto)

Independent MP bid in West Ham

We have in our possession literature suggesting that a local lawyer, Kamran Malik, is making an audacious bid to become an Independent MP for West Ham. West Ham South delivered Keir Hardie to the world of parliamentary politics in 1892 when he was elected as an Independent Labour MP, so there is precedent – – – maybe!

(Newham Recorder January 2010)

Anonymous said…

It is indeed soothing to feel this new breeze of political development in West Ham, where a local lawyer is attempting to change the political status quo that people seem to have gotten fed up with by making his bid as an Independent MP. Increasingly, voters in this constituency, as well as throughout Greater London, are questioning the socio-political dynamics of the Labour and Conservative Parties, with both being seen by a significant section of disillusioned voters as protective of parochial party interests. At least, Mr Malik has displayed some political ingenuity by making a cocktail of national and local issues, whereas the big boys with red and blue jumpers on have plundered the prospect West Ham and surrounding constituencies offer. It is high time that we break this trend of hopelessness in West Ham and free ourselves from the clutches of national macro-politics by taking a concerted and bold step. If taking this step means to place faith in a spirited lawyer, so be it.

10 March 2010 10:12